Our Afghan Hounds


An ancient breed of sighthound, Afghans are gentle and loving, often aloof, and always a clown in king’s clothing. They’re our favorite breed. Lots of grooming, but a real spectacle when in motion.


Not just a dog, it’s a lifestyle

In Memoriam...

Divali Derby Winner

Chloe’s brother, and our show boy...  Oh, how we miss him.

Music: Bill Ricchini, A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door
In Memoraim...

Rescued in 2007 from a dismal situation in a puppy mill. He was a wonderful, gentle dog, the best we ever had.
Dog Ears

Well, that’s one way to look like your hound.

In Memoriam...

Divali Cloche Encounter

Gary’s first puppy, and star of stage and screen!