Art Stool


Shaping of the seat is one of those times where you use everything you’ve got. The angle grinder carries an Lancelot carving disk, which is like a chainsaw... now THAT moves some material! After that, an inshave, sanding drum, rasps, files, and scrapers take their turns.

My wife wanted a stool for the desk where she does all her artwork. Since that was made of Padauk, so is this stool. Finish is Watco oil and wax.

This is the most organic, free-form piece of furniture I  had done. Joints in the leg stretchers look continuous, which is a good trick.

Here are most of the parts. Shaping the legs took a great deal of thought because of all the odd angles. Contouring is done after all the joints are cut, otherwise you have no means of registering the mortises and tenons.