Queen Bed


I had to relent and buy a dovetail jig to make the drawers; there was just too much work to do them all by hand. The big Leigh jig works extremely well in hardwoods.

Our bed, built over two years and completed in 2000. Maple with Walnut details. Finish is Watco oil and wax. It’s built with lots of storage because our house was small. Now our house is big, but we still like the convenience.

Small drawers are under the headboard, which is a stand-alone unit that is lag-bolted to the bed rail.

Doors have walnut veneer cut on the bandsaw. Dovetail keys in the top are visible, holding together a crack in that big plank.

Drawer faces are contoured and dovetailed to oak sides. They fit perfectly in the carcase, with no guides. Handles were routed with a special cutter that I made to allow curved undercuts that fit your fingers nicely.

The main bed rails are also contoured, and fit into the big corner blocks with sliding dovetails for easy disassembly.

Here are the two carcases, and below are all the parts. Joints are mortise and tenon throughout, and it’s all made of maple... over $1200 worth.