Woodworking Portfolio


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Bass Guitar Case, 1981.

Mahogany, lined with red velvet over styrofoam. For my Kramer 4001 fretless electric bass.

Wine Rack, 1982

Alder. Built for my sister.

Mom’s Jewelry Box, 1981

Mahogany; oak leaf.

Precious Box No. 1, 1985

Goncalo alves; ebony handle. Gift to my friend, Mark Gilbert.

Precious Box No. 2, 1986

Goncalo alves; zebrawood top. Gift to my father.

Audio Rack, 1986

Redwood Coffee Table, 1986

Animal Shelf, 1986

Bathroom Vanity, 1986

Oak, 60 inches long. A contract job. Looks like generic cabinetry, if you stand back...

Bathroom Vanity, 1986

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