Woodworking Portfolio 3


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Odd Bookshelf No. 2, 1999.

Honduras Mahogany, oil/varnish finish. Shelves are bent laminations that automatically keep books sitting upright. Verticals are torsion boxes.

Polishing Plane, 2001.

Honduras Mahogany, body with Lignum Vitae sole. Throat is adjustable for fine cuts. Plane iron is from Hock.  I’ve made many planes with various curved soles. This one yields a glass-like smooth polish on most woods.

Bed, 2000.

File Cabinet, 2003.

Walnut with maple accents. Oil/varnish finish. Handles are made by laminating thin layers of maple and walnut into the drawer faces. Cabinet is dovetailed. Sliders are full-extension Accurides.

Equestrian Tack Trunk, 2007

Curved Stool, 2009.

Peruvian Pine (Podocarpus rospigliossi), made from a single plank I purchased almost 20 years ago. Sides are coopered. This lumber is odd in that it feels much like ordinary pine, but dulls tools way beyond reason, almost like Rosewood. Perhaps it contains mineral deposits like some exotics. Finish: Tung oil.

Outdoor Bench, 2002.

Kiln-dried Redwood, mortise and tenon joinery, in the Crafsman style.

Finish: Spar varnish.

Compact Chair, 2009.

While it stands at normal chair height, the seat is compact, giving this piece an unusual proportion. The design is taken from my 1996 Art Stool and is also made of Padauk. Finish: Watco oil, Tung oil, and wax.

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Audio Equipment Shelf, 2004.

Honduras Mahogany. Shelves are MDF with bandsawn veneer and solid edging. They adjust vertically with bolts and T-nuts in the vertical members. Finish: Oil/varnish.

Walnut Desk, 2010.

Bastogne Walnut slabs. 71 x 31 x 31. Watco and Tung Oil.