Drawing and Drafting

For most things, I'm using EazyDraw which is a general-purpose vector drawing application that generally follows the lineage back to MacDraw. Every app has its quirks but I've managed to adapt to this one. For help, your best bet is to email their support guys who usually respond very fast and often include examples. Also check the video tutorials.

One reason I chose EazyDraw is that I had been using the excellent Intaglio for the Mac for many years, but sadly it was abandoned several years ago at V3.9.5 and has become basically incompatible with MacOS starting at 14 (Sonoma). Thankfully, EazyDraw directly imports Intaglio files with very good reliability, which saved me.

For Intaglio users: You can make EazyDraw look/feel much more like Intaglio by taking advantage of their programmable menu and shortcut keys. Below are the files that you can load. Go to the EazyDraw menu >> Menu Keys or Quick Keys and load the approprate file. They are text format so you can examine them.

MenuKeys like Intaglio.txt

QuickKeys like Intaglio.txt

And here are My Notes with little hints and shortcuts.

People ask me how I do my (proper) schematics, mechanical drawings, and illustrations. Being a Mac guy since 1986, I use only Macintosh-based applications, but I've used wayy too many over the years as they've passed into obsolescence.

Today, Mostly I use: EazyDraw

Goodbye Adobe, Hello Affinity

My wife the professional technical illustrator introduced me to Adobe Illustrator over 30 years ago and I got pretty good at it. I also dabbled in Photoshop and PageMaker (which evolved to InDesign). But being only a casual user at home, the cost became untenable. Then I discovered Affinity and their very affodable suite consisting of Designer, Photo, and Publisher. It runs on the Mac, Windows, and iPad of all things, which is very cool. They generally follow the lead of the related Adobe products and I've been able to do my casual work quite nicely with these apps. Highly recommended. And hopefully they don't drive it into the ditch like nearly everything else...

Once Upon a Time...

During my junior high days in Crystal Lake, Illinois, I took drafting in 7th and 8th grade and really caught fire! Those were the days of T-squares, pencils and even ink, for those of us bold enough. My teacher had me draw a perspective of a house in pencil, fully shaded and everything. They entered it in an industrial arts contest sponsored by the Illinois Institute of Technology, which actualy was for high school students. I ended up winning the overall trophy for my level. Yep, I beat 'em ALL. It was a great start for a future engineer and I've used those skills regularly throughout my carrer and now in my hobbies. I hope kids today get at least some exposure to drafting.