Our Life with Afghan Hounds

Katharine owned several Afghan hounds before we were married, and when it came time to get a dog, there was no doubt what we'd be getting! I had never owned a dog myself, so it was all new. After attending a bunch of dog shows, we hooked up with a breeder and the adventure began.

In Memoriam...



Rescued in 2007 from a dismal situation in a puppy mill. He was a wonderful, gentle dog, the best we ever had. See the memorial video below.

In Memoriam...


Divali Cloche Encounter


Gary’s first puppy, and star of stage and screen! Here is her portfolio.

In Memoriam...


Divali Derby Winner


Chloe’s brother, and our show boy...  Oh, how we miss him.

And here is a memorial to Gromit. These are cherished memories...