Animal Shelf, 1986

Cherry. French polish.

A light and airy wall-hung shelf to hold my collection of porcelain animal sculptures. My first use of a handmade wooden compass plane, to shape the sides.

Audio Rack, 1986

Walnut, zebrawood, birch plywood. Varnished.

Audio equipment rack designed in 1986 to hold my gear. Walnut frame, birch plywood panels, zebrawood trim. Frame is mortise-and-tenon. Poured concrete turntable isolation monolith is inserted into the top and there are brass rack rails. This racked was in service for 20 years.

Meg's Shelf, 1988

Oak. Tung oil.

A gift for my young neice.

Odd Bookshelf No. 1, 1988

Honduras mahogany. Varnish.

Honduras mahogany. Sides and shelves are torsion boxes (like hollow egg crates) for strength. Shelves don’t quite make it all the way across, so tall books can stand up. This always causes a double-take.

Odd Bookshelf No. 2, 1999

Honduras mahogany. Oil/varnish mix.

Shelves are bent laminations that automatically keep books sitting upright. Verticals are torsion boxes. There was a lot of resawing required to make this.

Audio Equipment Shelves, 2005

Honduras Mahogany. Oil/varnish.

Shelves are MDF with bandsawn veneer and solid edging. They adjust vertically with bolts and T-nuts in the vertical members. This is after a commercial design by Pagoda.

Paper Shelf, 2021

Padauk, birch plywood. Stain, varnish.

Made for my wife to match her othhr art studio items. Selves are birch plywood stained to match what I think the brownish color of padauk will look like in the future.