Chloe's Portfolio

Greeting card. Inside it says, “It may take forever, but they must be tamed.”

Magazine add for Andersen Windows. This was a test shot. The house is over in Pleasanton, CA, and was staged for the occasion. It was featured in many magazines over a couple of years.

Dogfood ad that showed up in a Petco flyer. She did a couple of these.

This is from a funny dog calendar. She was The Bona Lisa.

We found this designer handbag on Ebay. It was made in London. The picture is familiar...

This was a commercial for a French phone company. The star was a little mutt who “gets the girls.” Chloe, Derby, and the others wore jewel-encrusted collars.

Acting class, then a career in advertising

Chloe went to what appeared to be an obedience class. In reality it was training and talent scouting for Bow Wow Productions, Inc., a California company that places animals in advertising and entertainment situations. Pretty cool! She managed to pay her keep for a while. Derby joined in on the French TV commercial, as did their brother, Bowler.

Lil' Chloe, as we’ll always remember her.