Bathroom Vanity, 1986

Oak, 60 inches long. A contract job. Looks like generic cabinetry, if you stand back...

Bathroom Vanity, 1986

I built this for my tiny bathroom during a 1986 remodeling. Honduras mahogany with spectacular bookmatched walnut doors. Corian top with cast-in bowl and splash. Finish is spar varnish for good water and chemical resistance.

Jeff’s Cabinet, 1989.

This wall-hung cabinet was made as a wedding gift for my friend, Jeff Simpson. It’s made from the same air-dried walnut as Ron’s Desk, with some purpleheart details.

The design is clearly influenced by James Krenov. This was an exercise in following the work of the master, including dovetailed sides and fine brass knife hinges from Brusso.


Queen Bed, 2007.

Maple with walnut details. Built for our little house, which needed extra storage. Once we moved, I wished it was a king!


File Cabinet, 2003.

Walnut with maple accents. Oil/varnish finish. Handles are made by laminating thin layers of maple and walnut into the drawer faces. Cabinet is dovetailed. Sliders are full-extension Accurides.

Chimney Owl Cabinet, 2013.

Cherry and curly Maple. 72 x 16 x 13. Oil/varnish mix.

An updated version of the classic Shaker chimney cabinet, this one has a surprise inside. The flapping owl was a lucky accident that appeared when I resawed and bookmatched through a big knot in a plank of curly Maple.

Display Cabinet, 2021.

White oak, 29 x 20 x 9. Shellac.

This cabinet is rescaled from a design by James Krenov and is something I’ve wanted to build for 30 years. It stores my Morse key collection. Made from a single plank of 8/4 rift-sawn white oak. Carcase is doweled. All surfaces planed and scraped, not sanded. I also made the knife hinges. This is my finest work to date.


The Unknown Cabinet, 2022.

Unknown species, 59 x 19 x 9. Shellac. 320 hours.

My first venture into the cabinet on stand motif. Made from unknown tropical hardwoods, hard, heavy, and exceptionally difficult to work. Rated as “Nice cabinet” by Brian Condran. I am honored.


Old Walnut Cabinet, 2022.

Walnut, 28 x 10 x 7. Shellac.

Made from the last of my air-dried walnut from 1986. It's a reprise of Jeff's Cabinet from 1989. This hangs in my shop as a clean place to store my camera and a few other items.

Mixed Walnut Cabinet, 2024.

Walnut, 28 x 11 x 7. Shellac.

Door is made from the badly warped results of resawing a small slab.  My wife like the wild figure so I went with it, and curved the sides of the cabinet to match the lengthwise warp. Other parts of from various walnut species.